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Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality evidenced-based occupational therapy services by utilizing a family centered approach to improve children’s independence and quality of life.

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It is our belief that children can improve quality of life and activities of daily living through participation in functional activities. Collaboration with interprofessional disciplines and provide specialized training to families and caregivers and believe that parent education is crucial to the child’s ability to make changes. We value working together in a partnership with parents and caregivers while using an episode of care model to provide the best quality of care.

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Meet The Team


Carolyn Michaud

Carolyn was born and grew up in Pennsylvania, but has been an Alaskan since 2004. She completed a Psychology BA from Fairbanks, AK, A.A in Substance abuse counseling, which then piqued her interest in helping children who have experienced affects from substance abuse, such as FASD. Carolyn then obtained her doctorate in occupational therapy with a focus on pediatrics. She also completed the FASD 4-Digit Diagnostic Code course to further understand effects of alcohol and other substances on children’s development to improve intervention outcomes for this underserved population. Carolyn is excited to work in pediatrics and understands that collaboration and family involvement is the key to make positive changes.


Carolyn enjoys sewing, hiking, camping, the outdoors, board games, cooking/ baking, and gardening.

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Daniela Rico Valle

Daniela was born and raised in California. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from UCLA in 2009. In 2018, Daniela made a career change and returned to school to earn a master's and post-professional doctorate from USC in occupation therapy. Daniela completed her post-professional doctorate in research focused on early risk signs of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. She has been working with children and families for many years and is excited to work in pediatrics with an occupational therapy perspective. Daniela looks forward to collaborating and cultivating relationships with families in order to provide the best family-centered treatment possible.


Daniela moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 2021 and enjoys the outdoors, weightlifting, playing musical instruments, and game nights.


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Our Services

Fine Motor/Handwriting Skills

Self-Help & Hygiene

Play & Socialization

Sensory Integration

Organizing and Planning their Motor Skills

Adaptive Equipment Modifications

Environmental Adaptations for Home and school Settings

Oral Motor Functioning


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